Workshop de Film Commission

A film commission (support office for filming audiovisual content: film, TV, documentary, commercials) has two fundamental roles: 1) to attract audiovisual productions to a specific region; and 2) to provide logistic and operational support to projects filming in that region. The Workshop provides technical orientation to officials, public-sector employees and the general public on the objective, operations, benefits and legal structure of film commission, for those already established as well as film commissions in development or to be created.

December 1, 2015 – Producers Network Lounge, Ventana Sur. UCA Puerto Madero, Av. Alicia Moreau de Justo 1600

Free Admission, with prior registration.

The National Film Institute of Argentina (INCAA) is a governmental autarchy organism under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Culture of Argentina, and is responsible for the promotion and regulation of film industry activities throughout Argentina and abroad, with respect to national film industry, according to the Film Law and new attributions established in Law No. 26.522 (Audiovisual Services Communications Law).

The Latin American Film Commission Network is comprised of film commission from countries throughout the region. Its objectives are: to support film production in each region, and to strengthen technical training for film commission personnel, in order to promote their jurisdictions as privileged destinations for the production of all formats of audiovisual content.

LATC is a media training and consulting firm based in Rio de Janeiro, focused on the new generation of audiovisual content producers in Latin America. In addition to organizing technical training workshops for professional filmmakers throughout Latin America, it offers full-service consulting for content producers, film commissions, film festivals and other industry players. LATC is affiliated to: CILECT –International Association of Film and Television Schools (Brussels), IFTA – Independent Film & Television Alliance (Los Angeles), IFP – Independent Filmmaker Project (New York), NALIP – National Association of Latino Independent Producers (Los Angeles), Incentives Office (Los Angeles), EGEDA – Entidad de Gestión de Derechos de los Productores Audiovisuales (Madrid), Cesnik, Quintino e Salinas (São Paulo) y Américas Film Conservancy – AFC (Los Angeles).